The cleaning of large storage areas is the K900’s primary discipline. In this application, it is superior to humans or common ride-on sweepers. Do you want to exclude certain areas from cleaning? No problem, either physically via markers or virtually through software.

High-efficiency warehouse sweeper

Versatile in use!

Some warehousing examples

Shelf storage

The K900 is the only autonomous cleaning solution on the market for storage and retrieval systems. Its low weight ensures it has no problems with weight restrictions on floors and it has a highly developed navigation algorithm. It can cover areas of up to 40’000 m² in just a few hours.

Automatic high-bay warehouses

Its low height allows it to clean underneath the racks. With intelligent navigation and a smart airflow, it operates even in dusty environments. The K900 is the only automated and sustainable cleaning solution on the market.

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What our customers say

“We attest that the K900 has the best sweeping capabilities. Since we started using the robot we have noticed that our halls are always clean. There is no longer a need for cleaning before audits, and the amount of dirt collected has levelled off at 35 liters a day. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the hall floors squeaking happily.”

SCHERM Group Borken DE, Warehouse Manager

“The KEMARO brings considerable relief in everyday work and the cleanliness in the hard-to-reach places in the high-bay warehouse has improved significantly. Through close collaborate the robot was optimized for the conditions on site. The cleaning staff wouldn’t want to give the robot back again!”

Landi distribution center Dotzigen, department head support conveyor technology / IT logistics.

“There is a noticeable difference! Ever since we began using the KEMARO we have been able to keep manual cleaning to a minimum.”

Coop distribution center Bern, team leader picking.

“The K900 finds its way around our warehouse environment perfectly. It cleans areas between our sliding storage racks that previously remained largely dirty. We are amazed every morning at how much dirt the robot has swept up. The performance is super and can in no way be compared to our conventional, manual cleaning. In short, we are very satisfied with the robot and the support.”

Hawle Armaturen AG Sirnach, Plant Manager

Versatile and efficient

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Hazardous areas

Special applications


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