Production facilities

Your machinery, materials, or packaging produce fine and coarse dirt. This reduces the lifespan of your machines, endangers the health of employees and, in the worst case, ends up on your customers. With its outstanding cleaning properties, the K900 is the ideal solution for your production operation.

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Some examples of production plants


Whether it’s a joinery, carpentry, or a large sawmill: the amount of small waste in the woodworking trade is enormous. With the K900, workshops achieve a new standard of cleanliness. In addition to the clean floors, an improvement in air quality is also noticed, which is achieved through permanent cleaning with the K900 air filter.

Sheet metal fabricators

The K900 also cleans close to racks and in niches. Especially in production plants, a lot of very fine dirt accumulates there. Large sweepers cannot cope with this problem, and cleaning by hand is tedious and time-consuming. Our customers attest that the K900 has great cleaning qualities and reduces dust accumulation on equipment and shelves.

Biogas plant

In Switzerland, our K900 is also used in biogas plants. Biomass in the form of waste wood is converted into biological vegetable carbon. The resulting gas is converted into renewable energy and the green electricity produced is fed into the power grid. These plants should always be clean, and the K900 is the solution here too.

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“We attest that the K900 has the best sweeping capabilities. Since we started using the robot we have noticed that our halls are always clean. There is no longer a need for cleaning before audits, and the amount of dirt collected has levelled off at 35 liters a day. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the hall floors squeaking happily.”

SCHERM Group Borken DE, Warehouse Manager

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