Special applications

The application examples are as varied as the industrial and commercial landscape. Fundamentally, the K900 is designed to clean larger indoor spaces, beyond that there are almost no limits. Here are some special applications.

Very versatile in use!

Some examples of special applications

The K900 in the filling plant

  • Compact and robust design.
  • Maneuverable navigation through narrow gaps under the flat conveyor belt.
  • Leads to clean surfaces.
  • No interruption of production for cleaning.
  • Reduction of dangerous glass splinters.

The K900 cleans even when wet – see the video above.

The K900 in railway depots

  • Even cleans the hard-to-reach maintenance pits in tram depots.
  • Quickly removes all kinds of dust and dirt.
  • Maneuverable navigation through tight spaces.

The K900 cleaning robot in use at VBZ Zurich – see the video above.

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The voices of our customers

“We attest the K900 has the best sweeping capabilities. Since the robot has been in use, our halls are clean every day. The cleaning effort before audits is eliminated and the dirt has meanwhile settled at 35 litres a day. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the hall floors squeaking happily.”

SCHERM Group Borken DE, Warehouse Manager

Versatile and efficient

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