Hazardous areas

The K900 also cleans where it is dangerous for people or in zones with valuable goods that are difficult to monitor. Our robot is protected from numerous hazards in both hardware and software – and it is not a very good thief.

Versatile in use!

Some examples of hazardous areas

Nuclear waste storage

Our K900 is now a sought-after cleaning aid in nuclear waste storage facilities. It is ideal in locations where spent fuel elements and vitrified high-level radioactive waste are stored. And is also perfect in halls with long-lived, medium-level radioactive waste. In short, it is ideal in places where it is very dangerous for humans.

Dangerous goods

Our K900 is always used where substances are stored that have hazardous properties for humans, animals, and the environment. Strict regulations apply to workers in these areas, and the K900 does its job reliably and quickly.

High-security tracts

People remain people. There are areas that are preferably cleaned by a machine due to safety concerns. Our K900 is your reliable and honest partner here.

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“At Zwilag, all types of radioactive residues from Switzerland are processed and temporarily stored. Since we operate in a high-risk area, the safety of our employees is particularly important to us. Until now, cleaning was done by hand. With the K900, we found a cleaning solution with which we could further minimize the radiation exposure to our employees.”

Norbert Frey, Radiation Protection Technician, Zwilag Interim Storage Würenlingen AG



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