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Our team has already invested over 5’000 days in the development of the world’s first industrial cleaning robot “K900” for logistics and industrial companies. After many ups and downs, thousands of hours of work, moments of happiness and moments of despair, we can now say: we are ready for the global market.

How it all began!

The KEMARO story

The history of KEMARO AG makes for impressive reading. The company was founded in 2016 by three engineers, Thomas Oberholzer, Martin Gadient, and Armin Koller, with a vision to revolutionize the cleaning of industrial floors – improving health protection, ecological sustainability, and cost savings. The company began working based in construction containers and than moved  to an underground basement to continue development. Today, business is conducted from the headquarters on Hilagstrasse in Eschlikon. With the K900 robot (the successor model to the first K800 robot), KEMARO AG has created a globally unique cleaning machine made from Swiss engineering know-how. A significant milestone for the company was its victory in the summer of 2022 at the Swiss Logistics Award, where it beat renowned Swiss companies such as SBB-Cargo, Feldschlösschen and Denner. The judges were particularly impressed by the ecological sustainability, health protection and cost savings that come with using the K900.




K800 - market validation with 9 customers


Market entry K900, series launch

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Expansion to EU & Japan


Expansion to North America

Distribution network across 21 countries

500 robots deployed worldwide


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Martin Gadient, Co-Founder | CEO