One robot – different applications

Several hundred robots are already in use throughout Europe and in Japan across a variety of different applications. Currently, the only excluded criteria is outdoor areas. Otherwise, we look forward to your cleaning challenge.

K900 – versatile

The right solution for every application


The K900 is designed to clean large areas in a short time. Accordingly, it is optimized for use in warehouses. With its low height, the cleaning robot also cleans under warehouse shelving, areas where manual cleaning is otherwise difficult.


Be it machinery, materials, or packaging, these all generate considerable dirt, which is in turn deposited on products or equipment. With its 35-liter drum capacity and five-hour battery life, the K900 is the ideal cleaning solution for manufacturing operations.

Special applications

There are many and varied special applications for the K900, with new uses being added every day. Examples, including bottling plants and railway depots, demonstrate that the K900 can also function in very dirty and wet environments.

Hazardous areas

Interim storage facilities for radioactive waste, high security wings or zones with strong temperature fluctuations. The K900 can function in areas that are potentially dangerous for people. The Hardware and software is designed and built to withstand numerous hazards.

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Christoph Jähnig, Robotics Sales Executive