K900 – The future of industrial cleaning

with the most efficient cleaning robot in the world

Smart floor sweeper for industrial use

The Problem

  • Automated warehouses are looking for efficient cleaning solutions and have a hard time finding a robotic sweeper.
  • Cleaning costs in warehouses are considerable. 30’000 EUR + per year is not uncommon (based on the medium sized 10’000 m² warehouse of our reference customers and manual cleaning costs of approx. 3.10 EUR/m² per year).
  • Employee safety and stricter regulations increase manual cleaning costs. 

Our Solution

  • K900: The world’s first fully autonomous cleaning robot.
  • Ecological, low-maintenance and can also be used in hazardous zones.
  • Cleaning costs are reduced by more than 22’000 EUR per year (based on a medium-sized warehouse with 10’000 m²).
  • More than 50% of cleaning costs are saved.

    K900 – the product

    Our robot is the combination of proven cleaning technology and unique engineering.

    Impressive design:

    • Practical size with an integrated dust extraction system
    • Cleans the toughest industrial dirt
    • No pre-installation requirements
    • Advanced SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping)
    • 3D environmental perception – Navigates thanks to artificial intelligence

    Unique technology:

    • Internally developed autonomous robotics
    • Broad know-how with graduates from the most renowned Swiss universities
    • Well-engineered technology
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Cloud technology

    K900 Facts & Figures


    The advantages at a glance

    Saves costs

    Reduces cleaning costs.

    Easy to install

    No pre-installation necessary. Plug-and-play.


    Solid construction and quality Swiss components.

    Employee protection

    Less particulate pollution due to less dust in the air.

    Constant cleanliness

    Automatic operation around the clock, with configurable time settings.

    Industry 4.0

    Reporting and notifications provide essential key figures incl. predictive maintenance.

    This is how it works!


    In less than five minutes you will have our robot up and running. Its simplest use case is its plug-and-play process.


    • Unpack the robot.

    • Attach the charging station to the wall.

    • Fit the dirt container and dock the robot.

    • Let the robot do its thing.


    Constant maintenance prolongs life

    Simple maintenance tips

    Dirt bin

    Clean the dirt bin regularly and remove any sticky residue, string, or sharp objects.

    Dust filter

    An optional K900 hoover can be ordered with each robot. This is conveniently attached above the charging station. The dust filter can be removed in two easy steps and should be vacuumed periodically.


    The quality brushes are durable. Nevertheless, you should check after some time whether the brushes are worn out and need to be replaced. You can reorder these from us.

    Dust cloth

    Use our KEMARO dust cloth to clean the robot from light dirt particles. Treat the robot as you would any other machine in your business.

    Application areas

    The right solution for many problems

    New applications for the K900 are discovered every day. Fundamentally the K900 was designed to clean large interior surfaces, but beyond that there are almost no limits. Here are its most common use cases.

    KEMARO 900 | Autonomer Kehrmaschinenroboter

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    KEMARO 900 | Autonomer Kehrmaschinenroboter