Technical understanding, organizational skills and dexterity

When Patrick Hofstetter isn’t working on a K900, he’s busy repairing, restoring, and upgrading cars. The thirty-year-old from Thurgau values the flexible working hours and the opportunity to pursue his hobby at KEMARO AG. In his previous role, Patrick was responsible for the interior fittings of fire engines. After several years in the same field, he wanted to expand his knowledge and take on more responsibility. Ultimately, he applied to KEMARO AG, where he now works with cleaning robot K900. Thanks to his broad technical understanding, he found it easy to recognize the special features of this product and acquire extensive knowledge of robotics.

Entrepreneurial thinking

“I was convinced by the long-term visions of KEMARO AG right from the start, as there is great potential for change,” explains Patrick Hofstetter. He particularly enjoys the fact that production lines and processes can be implemented in a practical manner. “As a mechanic, technical understanding, organizational skills, and dexterity are essential. These values are exemplified at KEMARO AG.” His goal is to eventually take over production management and design clean, efficient processes. With his entrepreneurial mindset and years of experience in various companies, he is highly respected by everyone at KEMARO AG. During his unconventional and spontaneous job interview over a beer, he immediately hit it off with the founders of KEMARO AG. He then quickly won the team over with his competence and became the go-to person for all questions regarding K900 mechanics.

Mastering order volumes

Patrick Hofstetter sees optimizing warehouse management and streamlining the process for commissioning robots as goals for the near future. “We anticipate a high order volume and need to be prepared,” he says confidently. It’s important to him that there are no delays, even if there are only a few employees. “Ideally, we create a cycle with the individual production steps to make the most efficient use of time and space while meeting high quality standards.

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Christoph Jähnig, Robotics Sales Executive