Successful Series A funding round: Accelerating the global expansion

KEMARO AG’s K900 is a globally unique autonomous cleaning robot for industrial use, developed with Swiss engineering methods. The company employs over twenty people at its site in Eschlikon TG. KEMARO AG secured additional capital in a Series A funding round to continue its worldwide expansion.

KEMARO AG’s latest funding round of close to CHF 5million was carried out with five investors, of which three were existing shareholders reinvesting. Spicehaus Partners acted as lead investor. “The past two years have clearly shown that KEMARO AG is successfully catering to an increasing demand for autonomous and digital solutions in industrial areas, not only for cleaning purposes but also from a health and safety perspective,” said Daniel Andres, a Founding Partner at Spicehaus Partners AG. One of the new investors, W+P Beteiligungen AG from Wil SG, also found the breakthrough very promising. “The K900 can be used sensibly in almost all of the logistics and production buildings that our company creates,” says owner Maurice Weber about the commitment.

The largest investor from Japan

In addition to W+P, a strategic partnership has been secured with another corporate investor, the Obayashi Corporation. The company is one of Japan’s largest construction companies, listed on the Nikkei 225. Obayashi Corporation also participates in KEMARO AG’s funding round. Tamaki Horii, Head of the Corporate Strategy and Business Development Division at Obayashi Corporation, anticipates great worldwide market potential for the unique dry-cleaning robot: “We are looking forward to supporting and accompanying KEMARO AG in this phase.” The K900 is already in use in 20 countries today, and the additional capital will be used to attain more of the Asian and the American markets. “This Series A financing round enables us to continue our global expansion plans,” says Armin Koller, co-founder and chairman of the board at KEMARO AG. “With the investors, we not only gained necessary capital, but also brought on board a lot of entrepreneurial experience and strategic market expansion.”

Winner of the Swiss Logistics Award

A significant milestone for KEMARO AG was its victory this summer at the Swiss Logistics Awards, where it triumphed over competition from well-known Swiss companies including SBB-Cargo, Feldschlösschen and Denner. The jury was particularly impressed by the ecological sustainability, health benefits and cost savings that come with using a K900. Added to that is the fact that the sweeping robot is produced in Switzerland. The Swiss Logistics Award gave the company a lot of recognition and momentum for further work.

About the K900: Fully autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) made in Eschlikon

The K900 dry-cleaning robot cleans autonomously and smartly, perceiving its surroundings using distance measurement algorithms that rely on optical sensors and supporting 3-D sensors. KEMARO’s robotics technology, developed in-house and based on the latest technological advances, enables full autonomous operation around the clock. It cleans floors without chemicals or water, and autonomously disposes of packaging residues, industrial dust and pallet splinters. With its two large front brushes, the robot cleans right up against objects and walls. Precise live mapping of the room and sophisticated navigation algorithms also enable unprecedented cleaning performance and quality.

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