KEMARO AG wins Swiss Logistics Award 2022

Gewinner des 27. Swiss Logistics Award 2022

KEMARO’s K900 smart vacuum sweeper robot won the 2022 Swiss Logistics Award.

Bern, 9th of June, 2022 – The Swiss company KEMARO AG has launched the first autonomous dry cleaning robot for industrial use. The Eschlikon-based company’s autonomous solution is revolutionizing the cleaning market for both industrial and commercial areas. KEMARO AG received the Swiss Logistics Award on the 8th of June, 2022 for its Swiss engineering skills.

Whether warehouses, large workshops, or industrial plants: the world’s first dry cleaning robot (the K900 from KEMARO AG) cleans autonomously and intelligently, navigating its environment using 3D sensors, and SLAM algorithms. The K900 won the prestigious Swiss Logistics award due to its environmental sustainability, operational safety, and cost savings, while also being packed full of Swiss engineering and manufactured in Switzerland.

Eco-friendly and low-maintenance
The fully autonomous K900 cleans industrial floors sustainably, without chemicals or water. The is remarkable – not only because of the reduced maintenance, but also from an environmental point of view. The K900 autonomously clears floors of things like packaging debris, industrial dust, and pallet splinters, and with its two large sweeper brushes it can clean right up against objects and walls. As the catch container has a 35 liter storage capacity it is ideally sized for industrial use. The rechargeable battery also provides a cleaning time of up to five hours.

Reducing dust pollution
Managing the fine dust often found in industrial and logistical operations is a serious challenge for employees, production facilities and products. The cleaning robot is the solution: The K900 has a built-in dust extraction system thus preventing dust build up. The built-in dust class M filter removes wood and metal dust, along with paint particles, from approximately 3.5 cubic meters of air per minute.
A low dust concentration minimizes the wear on machine parts in the intralogistical systems, and ensures dust does not settle on stored packages or other production goods.

Halving cleaning costs
The labor costs for cleaning halls can also be greatly minimized by using the dry cleaning robot, and this working time can then be invested into value-adding activities. The K900 can reduce cleaning costs by up to 50 percent. This means that the purchase price is practically amortized within a year. Furthermore, the vacuum sweeper robot provides a potential alternative for companies where cleaning can otherwise only be done when adhering to high safety requirements.

Swiss innovation
The K900 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The active light detection and distance measurement (Lidar) sensor scans the robot’s surroundings 40 times per second. The K900 creates a map based on the reflected light within the surrounding 20 meters and autonomously calculates its optimal drive-path. The Lidar is supported by a 3D sensor that conveys the reflectivity and relative distance of surrounding objects to the robot. The measured values from both sensors are used together by the K900’s computing unit to ensure precision, reliability, and optimal navigation.

The Swiss Logistics Award goes to a company for special market and customer-orientated process solutions that have demonstrated an above-average market success. “The K900 industrial vacuum sweeper is full of Swiss engineering know-how and is a showcase project in the age of Industry 4.0,” – said by Renate Gröger Frehner, head judge of the Swiss Logistics Award, Director of Real Estate and Operations at the University Hospital Zurich, when explaining the decision. The winner and the nominees can participate in the competition for the European Award for Logistics Excellence (ELA). Information about the other three nominated projects can be found at . Photos from the award ceremony can be downloaded from 2pm on the 9th of June, 2022.


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