Introduction of the Automatic Filter Cleaner: Efficiency in Industrial Cleaning

This technology revolutionizes filter maintenance in cleaning robots, increasing efficiency and cleanliness. A patent is pending.

The Problem with Filters without Automatic Cleaning

Filters can accumulate layers of dust and dirt, reducing their performance and requiring manual cleaning. This cleaning process is labor-intensive and releases dust particles into the air, negatively affecting working conditions.

KEMARO AG’s Solution

The automatic filter cleaner from KEMARO AG, integrated exclusively in the K900 robot, addresses these issues through an innovative approach:

  • Movement of Filter Lamellae: The individual lamellae of the filter are automatically moved slightly to dislodge dust and dirt.
  • Internal Dust Collection: The dislodged dust falls directly into the robot’s dust container, without contaminating the surrounding air.
  • Seamless Operation: The entire process occurs inside the robot, without user intervention.
  • Timed Intervals: Cleaning occurs at regular intervals, unnoticed from the outside.


This innovation improves workplace air quality, increases cleaning performance, and reduces maintenance effort:

  • Improved Air Quality: More dust particles are filtered out, ensuring high air quality in production environments.
  • Increased Cleaning Performance: A continuously cleaned filter enhances filtering performance, enabling consistently efficient dust extraction.
  • Reduced Maintenance Effort: Manual filter cleaning requirements are significantly reduced, saving time and costs.

The automatic filter cleaner from KEMARO AG ensures that the cleaning robot always operates efficiently and reliably. An optimally functioning filter is key to protect your employees and machinery by drastically reducing fine dust exposure.

KEMARO AG is proud of this groundbreaking development and invites customers to experience the difference firsthand.

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Christoph Jähnig, Robotics Sales Executive