Autonomous cleaning robots for everyday industrial life

With our autonomous robots, we help companies reduce their cleaning costs by up to 50%.


It’s that easy!

Plug in, charge, and clean.

Whether it’s a warehouse, production plant, or industrial plant. The K900 automatic sweeper relieves your employees and cleans where it’s dangerous for people.

Simple and efficient.

Autonomous Cleaning Robot

The 35-litre dirt container is generously designed. With a battery life of up to five hours, the robot runs autonomously. The K900 industrial floor sweeper detects and avoids fixed and mobile objects.


Up to 5h battery life


35 L dust container


Cleaning width 900 mm


Device height 35 cm


Trolley handle


Integrated dust extraction/dirt particles up to half a PET bottle


1,000 m²/h cleaning capacity

K900 – versatile

The right application for every location



Danger zones

Special applications


A developer and manufacturer of autonomous industrial robotics

Founded in 2016, the Swiss company is now one of the leading specialists in autonomous cleaning robotics. The 40-strong team in Switzerland and its distributors in Europe, America and Asia are convinced and know for a fact that it is the best solution for your application.

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Christoph Lienhard Jähnig, Robotics Sales Executive